Reserved Workout Space

(it's about time!)
"You get in there, you get the job done, and you get the hell out!" Tom Petty

You never wait for equipment

Unlike the gyms, where each piece of equipment can do only one exercice, our equipment can do all exercises. The equipment in our studio is designed for personal trainers to accomodate every exercise possible with a client at a single station. So every trainer here has every known exercise available for you at all times. No waiting. This saves on stress and time. Less stress equals better health, and more time equals more life!

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You accomplish more

With Meanies' equipment and training techniques you will strengthen more muscles, burn more calories, and start creating the kind of functional stability athletes have (no matter what your age). You get the most out of every minute here, and you won't have to stand in line in a smelly crowded gym to do it.

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Work on the most effective equipment

The studio's equipment is designed by fitness pro's for fitness pro's. You won't be working out on any do-it-yourself lazy-person equipment here. It was designed to enable our staff to fully utilize their skills all so you can reach your goals. You will work with free weights, cables, and a variety of other tools like stability balls and more. These are all proven to give the most benefit.

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Effective and Efficient

You'll be amazed at how much faster you can get an effective workout done when you don't have to share equipment with other members. You've got things to do. You've got a life to live. You don't need to spend hours at the gym when you work with us.

Your private workout zone has everything you and your trainer need to get the job done. The equipment is top of the line and professional grade. No more fighting for equipment.

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Fast and Fun

Not only do you have everything you need all to yourself, but your trainer is going to keep you moving. For example, If your rests are supposed to be 35 seconds, then that's what they're going to be. Your trainer has a stopwatch, and uses it diligently. You won't be able to get distracted with your phone or by another member. It's not possible. What would normally take you an hour at the gym you'll get done in 30 minutes here. No kidding!

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Endless Possibilities

Imagine the creative workouts that would be possible if you had the entire gym to yourself. Well that is exactly what you got here. The possibilities are endless.

You're never going to get bored and your routines will stay fresh and challenging.

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Tomorrow never comes.
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