Nutrition Coaching

"Our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food." Hippocrates

What's included?

  • Private 1-on-1 nutrition coaching.
  • Learn 10 nutrition rules that apply to everyone and every diet.
  • Meal plans.
  • Learn to eat right anywhere, anytime (yes, even restaurants).
  • Learn to eat for your unique metabolism.
  • We'll help you create solutions to your life and schedule.
  • Food log grading.
  • Unlimited support.
  • You can bet we'll hold you accountable.

What's not included

  • No Calorie Counting
  • No Weighing Food
  • No Complicated Concepts
  • No Weirdo Diet Foods
  • No Required Supplements
  • and No Starving!
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A Digestible Approach

People sometimes ask, "so, what's your philosophy on nutrition and fitness?" We reply, "follow-through."

Look, there is no such thing as the best nutrition and exercise program. There is only the right one for you—and that's the healthiest one we can find that you'll follow. The only one that's going to have an effect, if even the slightest, is the one you're going to stick with.

Your body is telling you what it needs to look and feel good every day. We know how to listen. And so will you.

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Get Educated

Your nutrition coach will sit down with you and teach you how to eat not just what to eat. That's an important distinction.

By learning how and why you will be able to create your own meal plans, eat right at parties, restaurants, and even on vacation no matter where you are on planet earth (or any other planet, actually).

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Get real, and heal

Learn to eat the way humans were meant to eat. No fad diets or expensive supplements. You will heal your metabolism and many other ailments when you simply eat real food.

The cliche "you are what you eat" exists for a reason. It's true! Your body is constantly replacing old cells with new cells built from scratch. What does your body build those with? The stuff you're eating!

Stop eating garbage, and you'll stop feeling like garbage.

Start Healing

Learn simple rules

Eating right should never be complicated. It's already emotionally difficult for most people. Complicating it creates overwhelm and stress. Those are very bad on your health and your waistline.

You will learn (and memorize or you'll get in big big trouble with your trainer) ten simple rules we call the 10 commandments of nutrition. They are simple and straight forward.

For example, Commandment one is to drink enough water for your body weight every day — a half ounce per pound.

It's that simple.

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