The Benefits of Exercise

Benefits of Exercise

The physical Benefits of Exercise

The physical exercise benefits are quite vast.  Many benefits are still being discovered.  Interestingly overweight people think exercise is just for losing weight, while skinny people think they are excused from it because they aren't fat.  Both are dead wrong.

AGE: Exercise increases the natural human growth hormone which keeps you looking and feeling younger. There are test that can show your chronological age (age in years) compared to your cellular age (the actual degree to which your cells have degenerated, or simply how you look and feel).  We have many clients that are well into their 50's that look way younger than the average out-of-shape 30 your old.

ENERGY:  What you may not realize is that exercise doesn't just give you a "little boost." It dramatically increases your energy level all day.  There are too many technical things to list as to why it increases your energy.  Things like blood sugar control, metabolic boost, increased oxygen absorption, and more.

STRENGTH:  Not just how much weight you can lift, but how often, for how long, and in what position.  There are many forms of physical strength.  There are still truly healthy cultures in the world where men can still hunt and father children when they are over 90 years old. 

APPEARANCE:  This is why most people exercise.  They want to "look" sexy.  It's true.  Exercise makes you look way, way better.  Often times results can be seen in just a few days.  Exercise burns fat, builds and tones muscle, helps you sweat out toxins that cause wrinkles, prevents cellulite, oxygenates your body better, and more.  All that creates one great looking human.

DISEASE:  Most of our current disease could be prevented by exercise; diabetes, heart disease,depression, erectile dysfunction, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, arthritis, and colon cancer to name a few.  The list is almost endless.  This is not in theory.  This is fact.  People do it every day.  Meanies has witnessed clients reduce (and often eliminate) diabetes medicine, cholesteral medicine, depression medications, and more..

YOUR GUTS:  Exercise improves the function of nearly every organ in your body.  From digestion to liver to lungs to your heart to.....

YOUR BONES: Without resistance your bones get thin and brittle.  Do you know how expensive hip or knee replacement is?

Well, that's just a handful of the physical exercise benefits, but you get the idea. Remember these benefits are not "theory" they are fact.

The Mental Benefits of Exercise

Because exercise increases oxygen absorption and helps regulate blood sugar, your brain naturally benefits.  I'm sure you know that you're brain needs oxygen, but did you know that fluctuations in blood sugar mess up your mental function?  Lack of exercise and poor nutrition is the leading cause of ADHD in children and adults.  Unfortunately because 85% of Americans (your doctor included) don't exercise and therefore don't know this, most continue to reach for pills as a solution.

Exercise actualy keeps your brain functioning well into old age.  It also helps prevent mental diseases such as alzheimer's. That is why people who exercise there whole life experience a better quality of existence.

The Emotional Benefits of Exercise

The first thing that will happen is an increase in self-esteme. You not only look better, but you feel better about yourself. You are getting stronger, following through, being responsible, etc... and did we mention you look better . No matter how much you may argue deep down inside of each person there is a part that wants to look good.

Next your stress levels will fade.  Exercise reduces stress and depression.  It actually makes you happy.  It will create a similar effect on your mood as cocaine.  It increases the endorphins in your system.  Endorphins are the "feel good" hormones.

Your quality of sleep will have also improved by now and you will no longer wake up grouchy but refreshed, motivated, and excited about life.

Because your brain is functioning better, you're getting more sleep, and your energy has gone through the roof, you will make better decisions, less mistakes, and get more done in less time.  This will greatly reduce the external stressors in your life adding even more to your new great mood.

People who don't exercise can often be heard making comments like "I hate overly happy people." How can you have too much happiness?

The Sexual Benefits of Exercise

Oh yeah, baby!  You better believe it.  Exercise and good nutrition is one of the best ways to increase libido AND performance.

Think about it, folks, you have more stamina, more energy, more physical strength, more flexibility, a better mood, more confidence, a sexier body, and increased blood flow to all parts of your body.  Yes, men get more blood flowing to the penis and women get more blood flowing to the vagina and clitoris.  All those things are the key factors in a healthy sex life.

By the way guys, diabetes and high cholesterol are one of the leading causes of erectyle dysfunction (impotence).  And if you read above, exercise fixes that stuff.   This is also one of the benefits of eating healthy.

Don't forget about those endorphines we talked about either.  They cause other sexual hormones to release.  It's no wonder people are generally more sexually attracted to healthy fit bodies than saggy unhealthy ones.

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