The Benefits of Eating Healthy

The Benefits of Eating Healthy

Eating healthy is often a touchy subject. Many people feel like eating is the last place they enjoy any freedom or personal pleasure time. As we get older, and our lives become more filled with responsibility, we just hate the idea of giving up the last thing we think we have to comfort and entertain ourselves; a bowl of ice cream in front of that plasma tv at the end of a long stressfull day, for example.

You might be surprised to find out that nutritional science is one of the most complicated sciences. There are just too many darn variables. As a result the experts can't seem to agree on what the definition of "eating healthy" is exactly.  In reality the only expert on what you should eat is you.

Once you learn to eat healthy for your metabolism amazing things can happen. Below are some ways food effects you physically, emotionally, mentally, and even sexually.

Physical effects of eating healthy

There are 6 basic nutrients in healthy food.  These six nutrients are what your body is made of (thus why you need to be eating them).  Protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and water.  You are made of those things. Animals are made of those things. Plants are made of those things.

How can your body function right when are not eating what it needs to function properly (to be healthy)?  How can it function normal when you put things in your mouth that are not normally in your body (un-healthy things)?

When you are eating healthy you are not only preventing disease but you are often healing them too.  The list is endless of diseases related to eating unhealthy.  Our country's poor health rages out of control even though the solution has been shouted at you for more than thirty years by health professionals ("You need to be EATING HEALTHY!".  But many people think that eating healthy isn't important if you are not fat.  At Meanies we have seen people get off of diabetes medication (12 pills a day) in four short weeks.  We have seen people over come blood pressure problems, hormone imbalances, irritable bowels syndrome, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, migraine headaches, depression, ADHD, and many others.  Yes, just by eating healthy

The right nutrients at the right time can turbo charge your energy levels within a day of implementing a quality plan.  You're body can't produce energy from carbohydrates, protein, or fat alone.  It needs vitamins, minerals, water, enzymes, and many other things that you can only find in "healthy food."  Energy drinks and coffee can't even come close to competing with the levels that an apple, chicken, and water can give you.

Your body can't build muscle without the right nutrients, can't recover from a workout, can't even eliminate waist (poop) without the right nutrient balance (so it just piles up inside of you).  Disgusting!  Too much vitamin C causes digestive disorders.

...eating unhealthy leads to erectile dysfunction, obesity, a flabby gut, butt, and more...

A teaspoon of table sugar can weaken your immune system by up to 50% for up to 4 hours.  One soda contains 16 teaspoons of sugar.

80% of your weight loss will come from a healthy eating plan.  That means you have an 80% chance of failing your weight loss program if you don't have a healthy eating plan (or if you cheat on the one you do have).

Low vitamin E levels result in balance problems, walking problems, and even eye movement problems.

Low vitamin B12 causes the white matter in your brain, optic nerve (you eyes), and your spinal cord to degenerate.  That kind of means "to rot away."

More will be listed in the future about the effects of eating healthy or eating unhealthy, but that should give you some motivation.

The Mental Effects of eating healthy

Your brain needs a steady blood sugar level, vitamins, minerals, water, protein, fat, and more to perform all it's little calculation.  ADHD and other mental problems are directly related to unhealthy eating.

Low hydration levels cause memory problems and may even lead to Alzheimer's disease.

Loss of motor coordination, migraines, and even paralysis can result just from a deficiency in vitamin B1(Thiamin). That's just one out of thousands of nutrients.

Taste loss, smell loss, hallucinations, and even depression are cause by Zinc deficiency.

There are hundreds more facts about eating healthy that could be listed (and will soon).

Emotional effects of Eating Unhealthy

healthy eating causes stress, and blood sugar fluctuations cause every mood from depression to irritability.

Low self-esteme comes from seeing that body in the mirror every day that you hate.  But the fact that you could do something about it and don't makes you like yourself even less.

Pellegra is a mental problem that comes with depression, mania (rage), and paranoia to name a few.  It is a result of a vitmain B3 (niacin) deficiency.

There are hundreds of other facts about eating healthy and we will be listing them soon...

Sexual Effects of Eating Unhealthy

Arteries don't get clogged just in your heart. That's just where it can kill you (there and your brain).  Well guess what happens when your sexual parts don't get enough blood and oxygen. You guessed it. Low sex drive, small or non-existant erections, less sensitivity (doesn't feel as good or intense) for both male and female.  Yes ladies, just as men have erectyle dysfunction, women get vaginal dysfunction.  Less blood flow to the vagina and clitoris create the same dysfunction in you.  It's just easier for women to fake it.

Add on top of that an obese, weak body, low confidence and you have a prescription for a dull boring and even non-existant sex life.

There are many other problems like constipation, gas, and other "uncomfortable for you / unattractive to your lover" issues that un-healthy eating creates.

Brain defects result during pregnancy when there is a Zinc deficiency.

low Biotin levels may be involved in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

There are really endless effects healthy and un-healthy eating.  So what does it mean to "eat healthy?" It means to provide the nutrients that your body needs at the time your body needs them and avoid eating anything that harms your body.   Anything outside of that is a fad.  Calorie counting, low-fat, and low-carb nutrition plans are all fad diets.  They should all be avoided.

The good news?  The best way to get healthy and have a strong sexy body is to eat normal.  That doesn't mean eat what most people are eating.  Most people eat fast food, processed food, energy drinks, coffee drinks, etc...  They don't eat breakfast and gorge at dinner.  Nor is it normal to eat nothing but vegetables and tofu.  Gross!  In a nutshell.  There is no miracle food, and there is no food category that is forbidden.  However, once we destroy or alter those foods and then eat them you end up with on or more of the strange diseases we have running amok in this country.  Trans-fat is an example of a processed food.  It is short for "transformed fat."  The molecular structure has been altered to be more like plastic than any known fats.  Do you think it's healthy or un-healthy to be eating all that plastic?  Imagine how healthy you will feel when you are not eating it.

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