About Us

Meanie: Slang term used by modern-day coddlers in a feable attempt to discredit people who are builders of Strength, Character, and Happiness through the lost ancient art of honesty and directness.

The religious symbol for the meanie is the finger. So, they point things out quite often. Sometimes they are pointing your way out of an excuse, sometimes your way over an obstacle, and sometimes simply your next exercise. But know this, Meanies only point to opportunity and accomplishment.

Thus, it is considered a blessing to get the finger from a meanie.

Meanies are a dying breed of discerners sought by folks who want to rise to new levels. Whatever level you're coming from to whatever level you want to reach, meanies will find the falsities thwarting your success. They will make a judgement on the best path to get you to your best—or keep you there, if that be the case.

Oh sure, meanies want to be liked and loved just like everyone else, however, they will never hide your opportunities to protect your feelings. No, no, no! Meanies consider that rude, and selfish— it's like an unforgivable sin to them.

Meanies believe in you, even when you don't believe in yourself. And because of this they absolutely cannot accept your excuses or the lies you tell yourself.

No, they will only accept the real you.

...And the real you is truly amazing.

Matt & Jenny. The origional meanies.